iService Policy

Customer Satisfaction

At iService we feel it is our responsibility to provide you with an amazing service experience. Honesty, integrity, and friendly service are our guiding principles. If anything during your experience with us was less than great, we’ll do our best to make it right.

Going Green & Recycling

We work hard to keep our planet green and there are many ways you can help. Consider having us repair your device instead of purchasing a new one. We recycle, re-use, and refurbish whenever possible. We love to fix things. Give us a try!

Diagnostics/Service Decline Policy

Diagnostics fees are always waived anytime you have your device repaired with us. If you decide that you would like your device recycled after having a diagnostics, the fee can also be waived. If a diagnostics is completed and you decline the repair, the $35 diagnostics fee is applied.

Data Policy

While we take great care to protect customer data, iService is not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the repair process, shipping, or at any time. Prior backup is the customer’s responsibility and iService cannot guarantee (although we work hard to protect) the security and privacy of your data. Please consider backing up all personal data such as music, photos, documents, email, and applications.

Liquid Cleaning

Liquid cleaning is a process of removing moisture and corrosion from your device. Drop your phone in the toilet? Spill coke on your Macbook Pro? Don’t turn it on. Our liquid cleaning service may be for you! If we receive your device within the first 12 hours, we have approximately a 90% success rate at your repair. If your device needs parts, we can replace those too. Visit us today to find out more!


We provide a 90-day warranty on all our parts, and labour. Our warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage such as liquid spills, physical damage, or abuse. Be sure to take good care of your sparkling device when you get it back. For more details on our warranty policy, please contact us.

Order Expiration

Once the diagnostic is complete on your computer, a service advisor will contact you with the results and an estimate. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise us how to proceed. If we do not hear from you within 30 days of notification, your order will be considered a decline and your device will be recycled. Don’t worry – we’ll make every effort to contact you first.

Abandonment Policy

Once the diagnostic is complete on your computer, a service advisor will contact you with the results and an estimate. If you have not responded to iService within 30 days of notification, your order will be considered declined and abandoned. All services must be paid for within 30 days repair. Having problems paying? Just let us know. After 30 days, if you have not contacted iService, your device will be considered abandoned and iService will have sole discretion as to it’s disposal. We will make several attempts to contact a customer via phone and email prior to considering a device abandoned.

Privacy Policy

iService collects personal information at the time you request a quote, contact us, make a purchase, or have a device serviced. Personal information includes your name, email, mailing adress, phone number, and other information about you. This is used by iService to fulfill your request for service, to contact you, to improve our services, and to conduct research. At times, we may come across sensitive or personal data on your device. We do not sell, trade, or share personal information outside our company unless specifically requested by you, required by law, or subpoenaed by court order.

Shipping (mail in repair)

We offer free return shipping for your Mac with any qualified repair. If you decide to decline any repair or services, shipping charges are applied and must be paid in full.

Box Policy (mail in repair)

Please retain your shipping container after you have received your laptop from iService. This box can be used for future service and will be required for any RMA order.

Information Policy

iService is not responsible for any typographical errors. We reserve the right to modify, change and/or update any information contained on this Web site (The “Site”) at any time without prior notification.