Data & Hard Drive Recovery

Data & Hard Drive Recovery

At iService located in Kingston Ontario Canada, we offer professional and fast data recovery services with a 90% success rate to restore you crucial data back to you. We help students recover there lost homework or thesis as well as professionals you may have important emails or project files stored on crashed or failing hard drives. What ever the case may be, iService takes your data seriously because we know how important your data is to you.

Common Issues

The Flashing Question Mark

One of the first things that your Mac will try to do following POST is find a volume that it can boot from. Normally this happens without incident and your Mac boots as you would expect it to. If you hard disk, SSD or boot volume is damaged or corrupted you may be presented with a display similar to the one that you see below:


The display shown above means that your Mac has tried but has been unable to find a volume that it can boot from. There are many possible causes for this but the most common are detailed below:

  • The internal hard drive or SSD has failed and is unreadable.
  • The /System folder cannot be found on the storage or is unreadable.
  • Mac OS X system files required for the boot process are missing or corrupt.
  • The storage inside your Mac is disconnected.

White Screen Error

Your computer may also start booting up but all you get is a white screen or a white screen with loading symbol. A bad hard drive maybe responsible for the White Screen error on your Mac. A bad hard drive may be caused by any logical or physical deterioration. If the hard drive has cultivated bad blocks or file system errors then this would result in the white screen error. There are other reasons for a White Screen Error but the hard drive is the one of the most common issues.

Spinning Wheel

You may also be able to boot your computer to your OS screen but you get the spinning colored wheel for long periods of time. This is also a key sign that there are issues with your hard drive and data recovery may be necessary.

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